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    Agent to promote floral differentiation

    Type of Crop : apple, pear, plum, persimmon, and other fruit trees and fruit vegetables
    Application Time : ① 1st spraying : when the disk flower start blossoms
    ② 2nd spraying : when 2~4days after ist spraying
    Application Number : once or two times
    Dilution Ratio : 1,000 times (500L of water : 0.5liter of 1 bottle of product)
    Spray Volume : 500ml / 1,650~2,640㎡
  • Feature

    Promotes flower bud differentiation and formation of good flower buds, suppresses weakening of stems and leaves because of excessive fertilization, and prevents fruit dropping
    - Promotes photosynthetis and generation of chlorophyl for fruit enlargement and increased sugar content

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