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    Enlargement Mani promotes the growth and development of large fruits

    Type of Crop : apple, pear, plum, persimmon, and other fruit trees and fruit vegetables
    Application method : - Fruit trees : 30 days before flower blossoming / once a month after thinning out of superfluous fruits
    - Fruit vegetables : every 2~3 weeks during growth and development
    Spray method : 2~3 times
    Dilution ratio : 1,000 times (450L of water : 1 bottle of product)
    Spray volume : 500ml / 1,650㎡
  • Feature

    Made of natural enlargement promoting matter, seaweed extract, vitamins, highly concentrated amino acids from animals, and sugar
    - 과실비대, 뿌리비대, 과즙형성 , 수세회복, 과수의 경우 6~9월 후기비대효과

    - Fruit hypertrophy, root thickening, fruit formation, water recovery, and thickening effect in 6 to September of the fruit

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